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Linnea’s Lights Candles



Product Description

These all natural soy candles are offered in two sizes, the large candle with our signature double wick and the mini votive. Each candle is hand crafted and mindfully packaged in recycled materials, printed with soy inks and hand stamped—the ultimate gift for someone or yourself. Matchboxes included in the lid!

Cashmere – Sophisticated & herbal with patchouli, vanilla & lime

Sweetgrass – Soft & clean…the perfect blend of fresh grass & sweet violets

Vetiver – Earthy, rugged and altogether masculine with notes of vetiver, light musk and ozone

Pumpkin – Reminiscent of fall celebrations, this candle is scented with ripe pumpkin and subtle herbal overtones.

Geranium – Soft rose geranium blended with uplifting bergamot & clary sage

Sea Salt – Calming aquatic blend of sea salt, briny sea moss, and fresh citrus

Tuscan Fig – Captures the delicate aroma of sun-ripened figs, recreating the air of a Mediterranean summer, no matter the season

Eucalyptus – Cool eucalyptus warmed with pacific woods & fresh air.

Persian Lime – Effervescent citrus blend of tart lime, grapefruit & vetiver

Heirloom Tomato – The aroma of a just-picked tomato off the vine. With top notes of fresh citrus and a leafy herbaceous middle, this earthy scent has a rich oakmoss base

Pepperberry – Bayberry, ceylon, cinnamon & peppercorn.

Wild Fern – Dew drops, fresh air & forest floor.

Winter – Comforting, calming, with an air of peppermint.

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