Minni by Lene Alve – baby cardigan in Shalimar Breathless

Minni by Lene Alve – baby cardigan in Shalimar Breathless

Knitting the Smallest Size

A new granddaughter is on the way and I am knitting her a Minni.

Despite the benign description in the pattern overview, Minni is trouble. Well, trouble for me anyway. Minni demands total concentration. I normally wouldn’t mind but this is a busy time of year and I have a baby deadline.

I have chosen my colours from a combination of Shalimar Breathless and Mrs. Crosby’s Hat Box, both merino/silk/cashmere blends and already working so well together. (By the way, we don’t currently stock Mrs. Crosby but we’re definitely thinking about it – leave us a comment to let us know if you’d like to see it stocked on our site!)

Shalimar and Mrs Crosby LW 2

It is much admired and everyone says: “but why knit such a tiny size? She will only wear it for a couple of months” and of course everyone is right.

But mothers and grandmothers everywhere, don’t you have somewhere a tiny, tiny item put away for safekeeping?  The smallest precious little thing that we bring out sometimes and say: “do you remember when she was tiny enough to wear that?”

And you remember how she felt in it and the love you had for her then that seems so huge at the time but now seems so minuscule in comparison with all the years of love that you have had together since then.  A great wall of love that had its beginnings in that tiny baby cardigan.

That’s why I am knitting the smallest size. The first brick in the wall.