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String Theory – Caper Sock


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String Theory – Caper Sock

This String Theory yarn is just too good for socks!

With the luxurious softness and lightness of cashmere and the elasticity of the finest merino, the touch of nylon gives the added elasticity and durability for socks – but who could bear to hide colours like these under shoes?

Named after Capricorn the goat and for the feeling of dancing that takes hold when first feeling this yarn. String Theory Caper Sock is a luxurious blend of 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon. On a needle size of 3mm or below for socks, the yarn knits up at 7 stitches per inch but we have knitted beautiful shawls on 3.5mm for an exquisite drape. You will only need one skein of 400 yards to create an heirloom piece.

Caper Sock is superwash but we recommend hand washing for all hand knits.

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