Wonderland Mad Hatter In a Half Dream
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Wonderland Yarns – Down the Rabbit Hole Singles


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Wonderland Yarns – Down the Rabbit Hole Singles

Wonderland Yarns are hand-dyed in deepest Brattleboro, Vermont USA and we have selected the soft, light, wear-it-next-to-your-skin, 100% Superwash Merino sport-weight, Mad Hatter to showcase here at Fig Tree Yarns.

The yarn is soft and bouncy and has excellent stitch definition. The colourways are named after and inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic Alice in Wonderland.
We love the rich solids with names like “Off With Her Red” and then there are the sweet subtle shades like “Certain Twilights” and the variegated and colour morph gradients.
So much to choose from we feel like we are at the Mad Hatters Tea Party!
We also stock Down the Rabbit Hole in Gradient sets for larger projects.

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#114 In A Half Dream, #115 The Queens Garden, #12 Tea Tray, #130 Eyes of Flame, #131 Summer Suns, #132 Dreamy Feeling, #133 Certain Twilights, #134 Far Off Land, #157 Cranberry Scone, #159 Petit-four, #160 Blueberry Tart, #163 Salt & Pepper, #166 Victorian China, #167 Whortleberry Jam, #2 Off With Her Red, #201 Insolent Orchid, #24 Too Much Pepper, #25 Tugley Wood, #36 Tom Tom Tree, #40 Goats Beard, #51 Ditto, Ditto, #62 Gravel Walk, #68 Mushroom, #81 Burbled, #82 Hedge-Rows, #83 Clotted Cream, #86 Buttercake, #87 Painted Roses, #88 Copper Halfpenny, #92 Rocking-Horse-Fly, Caucas Race, In A Nutshell, In Autumn