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Meet the Owner!

It has been a while since we did some ‘personnel’ profiles here at Fig Tree so here is one for starters to welcome all our new patrons and followers! This is me, Imogen. My grandmother taught me to knit, my mother to sew. For several years of my life I was an opera singer and […]

Slow Knitting

It has been hot this summer. Very hot. My knitting has slowed down to a snail’s pace and I have been enjoying the slow pace and I’m really enjoying it.  I don’t mean that I have been knitting fewer projects – far from it, in fact; the summer vacation is a good time to catch […]

Small Shops, Big Shopping

So Fig Tree Yarns is only open on Fridays. Jersey is a very small place and not everyone knits – strange, I know, but there it is. Nearly all our business is online and most islanders know where we are and how to get hold of us. But last Saturday, we opened especially for a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Camel Wool

Camel Wool – What is it? What does it feel like? What can you knit with it? This fibre is not half as well known as it ought to be! Camel wool is super soft and can be found blended into some of our favourite yarns that we stock on our site. We thought we’d […]

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2019 – What We’re Bringing!

With the final countdown to Edinburgh Yarn Festival reaching its last couple of days, (Thursday 21st March – Sunday 24th March), we thought we’d provide the full list of yarns and products we have on their way to our booth F6. If you’ve attended the festival before, you know it’s a very busy few days, […]

New Year Baby Hat Knit with Swans Island & Anzula

New Year Baby Hat Knit with Swans Island and Anzula Luxury Fibers Why I don’t make resolutions at New Year I guess it is one of the advantages of being older but New Year resolutions just don’t work for me and never have.  They set me up for failure: fixating on the golden time when […]

Minni by Lene Alve – baby cardigan in Shalimar Breathless

Minni by Lene Alve – baby cardigan in Shalimar Breathless Knitting the Smallest Size A new granddaughter is on the way and I am knitting her a Minni. Despite the benign description in the pattern overview, Minni is trouble. Well, trouble for me anyway. Minni demands total concentration. I normally wouldn’t mind but this is […]

Knitting on Holiday – a Jersey knitter in Guyana

Knitting on Holiday – a Jersey knitter in Guyana The Sensation of Only Having Eaten Half a Biscuit You know it’s out there. You feel deeply unsatisfied and slightly lost as you try to remember where you left it. . I feel this way about a lot of things. WIPs, it goes without saying. Especially […]

Sightseeing in South America

Three days in South America seemed as good a time as any to resume a neglected blog. . I know other knitters cope and knit in hot climes, but I just didn’t. The 80% humidity, dearth of air conditioning in all but our hotel room, and the local ice cream parlour and the necessity of […]

Gillian’s Seascape Cowl with Wonderland Yarns

Gillian’s Seascape Cowl with Wonderland Yarns This cowl has been designed to use just one pack of Wonderland Yarns ‘Mad Hatter’ Gradient set. The sport-weight yarn is soft yet sturdy and the finished cowl feels gloriously luxurious but will still stand proud under a coat without flopping over. The cowl is substantial enough to pull […]