Selvedge: The Fabric of Your Life Magazine


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Selvedge: The Fabric of Your Life Magazine

Selvedge is a design-led, 100 page magazine of inspiration – beautifully produced on thick and tactile paper.

Since 2003 the magazine has revolutionised the way textiles are presented and is the world’s leading textile publication.  The six issues a year, packed with quality writing, stunning photography and original illustrations, are eagerly awaited by our customers.

Although the focus is on textiles, this mag doesn’t turn its back on the rest of the world… the exact opposite is true – the magazine just sees the world through a textile lens which is why we love it so!

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Issue 61, Issue 60, Issue 59, Issue 58, Issue 57, Issue 56, Issue 55, Issue 54, Issue 53, Issue 64, Issue 65, Issue 66, Issue 62, Issue 63, Issue 67, Issue 68, Issue 69, Issue 70, Issue 71, Issue 72, Issue 73, Issue 74, Issue 75, Issue 76, Issue 77