Wonderland Yarns 'Eat Me'
Wonderland Yarns 'Eat Me'Wonderland Mad Hatter Mad Tea PartyWonderland Mad Hatter Evening IdlenessWonderland Yarns - Tea Time! 102Wonderland Yarns - Breakfast Tea 103Wonderland Yarns - Land of Wonders 104Wonderland Yarns - Cats in the Coffee 14Wonderland Yarns - Mice in the Tea 15Wonderland Yarns - Down the Rabbit Hole Mimsy 25Wonderland Yarns - Golden Afternoon 47Wonderland Yarns - Firelight's Ruddy Glow 49Wonderland Yarns - 'Cause Everyone Likes It! 61Wonderland Yarns - Down the Rabbit Hole Storm Wind 70Wonderland Yarns - Lights, Pt. 1 7Wonderland Yarns - So Bright & Sticky 50Wonderland Yarns - Toast & Jam 58

Wonderland Yarns – Mad Hatter Gradients



Product Description

Wonderland Yarns are hand-dyed in deepest Brattleboro, Vermont USA and we have selected the soft, light, wear-it-next-to-your-skin, 100% Superwash Merino sport-weight, Mad Hatter to showcase here at Fig Tree Yarns.

The yarn is soft and bouncy and has excellent stitch definition. The colourways are named after and inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic Alice in Wonderland. We love the rich solids with names like “Off With Her Red” and then there are the sweet subtle shades like “Certain Twilights”  and the variegated and colour morph gradients.
So much to choose from we feel like we are at the Mad Hatters Tea Party!
Fibre:   100% Merino Wool

Weight:     Sport/5 ply

Length:    344 yd / 315 m

Tension:    5-6 sts per inch / US #4-6

Care:     Machine wash

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#101 Mad Tea Party, #102 Tea Time, #103 Breakfast Tea, #104 Land of Wonders, #14 Cats in the Coffee, #15 Mice in the Tea, #25 Mimsy, #47 Golden Afternoon, #49 Firelights Ruddy Glow, #50 So Bright & Sticky, #58 Toast & Jam, #60 Evening Idleness, #61 ‘Cause Everyone Likes It, #7 Lights, Pt. 1, #70 Storm Wind