Yarn Photo Day with Jersey Cows

Yarn Photo Day with Jersey Cows

‘Please don’t have a cow…’

Lots of lovely new products have arrived in the island and the sun is shining so Flo and I take to the country lanes around the Fig Tree Yarns studio. Within 100 yards we found perfect backdrops, ancient granite walls, fences, fresh cut ‘branchage’ … and Jersey cows!

Our petite, honey-brown Jersey cows are the prettiest you’ll find anywhere and this morning, the most inquisitive. They couldn’t get enough of ‘Wool Journey’ (well actually, neither can we!) and were partial to Anzula and Dream in Color worsted weights too.

Jersey cows may be as familiar in your backyard as they are in ours:  we export them all over the world, but here in Jersey, they are the only breed and have been a feature of our landscape for more than 200 years.

Their milk is rich, delicious and highly prized everywhere.  A fascinating fact is that every Jersey Cow in the world can be traced back to the Island of Jersey Herd Book founded in 1863.