Slow Knitting

It has been hot this summer. Very hot. My knitting has slowed down to a snail’s pace and I have been enjoying the slow pace and I’m really enjoying it. 

I don’t mean that I have been knitting fewer projects – far from it, in fact; the summer vacation is a good time to catch up with languishing WIPS. I just mean that each stitch is slower, takes longer and is more consequently more enjoyable.

Our 2019 lives are frenetic, too much to do all the time and often when I sit down to knit it is for a deadline. For the store, for the baby, for the next photoshoot and one forgets the joy. Slowing each stitch has taken the heat out of my knitting race and re-connected me with the process.

My go-to, despite the heat, has been the Courage Shawl and the rhythm of slipping and knitting, row by row has caught me up in its spell. If you haven’t started yours yet, don’t delay.